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Are you tired of seeing your lawn in poor condition and don't have time to take care of it?
Discover our seed sprayer INOGRASS™

Did you know that 83% of people report enjoying the garden with family and friends?
Our sprayer INOGRASS™ will help you to increase the aesthetics of your garden!
It will allow you to easily and efficiently grow grass on all damaged areas of your property, such as your driveway, your vegetable garden, or even your driveway... in short, everywhere!

Thanks to our revolutionary spay seed, your lawn will grow in just a few days.

To increase your comfort, our product has two modes of operation, a WATER mode for conventional watering and the SEED mode for diffusing our special seed during watering.
The INOGRASS™ spray is a major asset for your garden, it attaches to all types of garden hoses.

Our INOGRASS™ seed sprayer is simple and easy to use :
Apply the seed directly to your lawn, after connecting it to your garden hose. The WATER mode will be perfect when watering your plants and switch to SEED mode when you see an anomaly.
A multitude of possibilities are open to you!
In addition, our formula allows the grass to grow 20x faster.

Thus, our spray is very useful during your gardening or maintenance of green spaces, it allows you to water and spray at the same time, to repair your garden, it avoids you to call upon a gardener or other expensive professional! It has many advantages that make our spray the best in its category, moreover, its ergonomic manufacture makes it different from other products.

You can use our product directly on the ground to generate lawn, on dry areas or damaged areas.

Thanks to our 2in1 design! You can leave the sprayer on your hose and change the mode as you wish to save time!

After use, the soil and nearby grass will be regenerated.

Just grab the handle and move it from left to right while moving forward over the area to be repaired to stimulate grass growth. Suitable for all types of soil, it will adapt perfectly to yours!

For more information, you can consult us!


1 x Sprayer
1 x Seed bottle (1 bottle = 12m²)

High quality: Our INOGRASS™ spray is carefully packed by our teams in a shock-resistant package.

Our product is only available on our Website, it is not currently available in store.
Our services are of high quality, that's why we guarantee a 100% refund if you are not satisfied!