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No more risks taken when climbing ladders or climbing a tree like an acrobat with your saw or chainsaw at arm's length!

Discover our portable chainsaw OptiChain™

Our Optichain™ chainsaw will make your gardening more comfortable ! It will allow you to prune branches efficiently, without injuring yourself by staying on the ground.

Thanks to its chain and high density steel teeth, your cut will be perfect.

In order to increase your comfort of use, our product is made of a durable and resistant high-tech material that cuts both small and large branches, trunks, etc.... . Its integrated straps will allow you to handle the saw by hand or to attach a rope at each end for high branches.

It is a toolthat adapts to your needs.

Our saw OptiChain™ is practicalergonomic and easy to use

You use it directly on the branch, after having wrapped it around. The teeth will penetrate the wood with every back and forth movement on your part, until the horizontal or vertical branch falls.

multitude of possibilities are open to you!

What's more, our saw is low-tech, which means that it uses no energy to operate!

Thus, our chainsaw is a major asset for all gardeners, it accompanies you everywhere, very useful to maintain your treeshedges, large bushes, small forests.

It's THE 
ideal solution for simply obtaining an optimal cut, without having to invest large sums in expensive tools and services!

Benefit from a perfect cut with a resistant and durable material
✓ Don't take any more risks, stay on the ground
High quality teeth and chains, to save time during your cutting process !

All this is made possible thanks to the quality of its manufacture!

Thanks to its 
integrated teeth, you can intervene directly with your hands on the branches of your trees, it is up to you to change the length of the rope according to the height of your branch, for a perfect adaptability 

After use, the teeth are easily sharpened.

You just need to fold it to take it everywhere and to store it without cluttering it.

For more information, please contact us!

Its manufacture is adapted to your garden!

  • Easy to use and transport
  • Lightweight and robust
  • Length can be changed to increase the possibilities of use
  • Made of durable and resistant materials 
  • Economic

Our saw OptiChain™ is carefully packed by our teams in a shock-resistant package.

Our product is only available on our Website, it is not currently available in store.

Our services are of quality, that's why we guarantee a 100% refund if you are not satisfied !